The use of Learning Profiles in teaching

The use of Learning Profiles in teaching

The use of Adaptive Learning systems is an interesting topic, which I follow quite frequently. An interesting comment on Romain Gibert’s blog on the issue attracted my attention. On his side, he had been influenced by and their article: Un homme, une pédagogie.

Reading his article was a good starting point to re-evaluate the use of the work of Antoine de la Garanderie. For those who do not know him, De la Garanderie is none other than the founder of the approaches on the design of cognitive and learning profiles.

According to this approach, we consider that students have their own educational profiles and their own learning profiles and, therefore the role of the teacher is primarily to provide the appropriate atmosphere and learning style that corresponds to each profile.

There are no right or wrong profiles. However, there are people whose profiles correspond to the way teaching takes place in schools while others show a significant deviation. If we actually reflect on this notion, we can apply this concept to the use of technology and the design of digital schools. Consequently, adapting teaching to individual student profiles, taking into consideration personal needs, motives and learning styles will lead to more effective learning.

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