Why developers should be more popular than rockstars

Why developers should be more popular than rockstars

It comes without doubt that in human societies there are positions of prominence that offer several advantages to the ones who have them. These advantages account for fame, wealth, attractiveness and so on. And it is usually these positions that the majority of members of a society try to reach.

The main question is who and why sets the importance of a popular position. Just by taking into consideration common sociological perspectives, it becomes apparent that societies themselves set the importance of various positions, based on their needs. If a society is in need of doctors, the profession becomes more and more important for this society and based on this perspective, societies manage their needs and become sustainable. In our era, where technology and innovation take an important role in shaping the world, it comes without doubt that engineers are an indispensable element of success for certain societies and, as we all know, engineers are hard to find!

Just a short visit around Paris and the Eiffel tower shows us that the profession of scientists and engineers was highly regarded in the previous centuries. The names of famous french scientists is marked forever on the base of the Eiffel tower, underlying their contribution to the world as we know it. This is the reason why western civilization bloomed in the previous years, by enabling and rewarding scientists and engineers for their contribution to society. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has ceased to exist in this level.
For various reasons, western civilization has created the stereotype of the Geek. Geeks in popular media are depicted as unsociable, not appealing personalities that stay in the margin, working on topics of scientific nature. Who would like to be a Geek when he could be a popular rock star? However, another short visit around San Francisco, London or Zurich tech areas can definitely change one’s perspective on developers and engineers. Developer communities are among the brightest and most colorful ones in the world. Highly intelligent people, full of creativity gather together to create and innovate. And it’s obvious that developers have the same sex appeal like any other person!

The importance of changing these stereotypes is highly important for the sustainability of our societies, since positions and professions that help them evolve should always be of prominence. Taking this into consideration, developers should be more popular than Rockstars!!

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