Talking at the UX Games Summit 2018

Talking at the UX Games Summit 2018

I am super excited about my participation at the UX Game Summit 2018, organized by EA in Vancouver, BC.

This amazing event, bringing together experts from all over the world provided energizing and invigorating moments to reflect on the application and future of User Experience across the fields of all sorts of games. I was amazed by how common and universal challenges designers face and I was really intrigued by the approaches and solutions that all those different creative people gave to their situations.

I also realize that need for UX is universal and agnostic to products, whether these are games, learning software, banking dashboards or B2B solutions. Still the need for User Centered maintains at the center of the discussion and has a tremendous impact on how we take decisions that will eventually affect the daily lives of thousands or millions.

My talk was about the use of UX Research tools in educational gaming contexts. I presented previous projects we worked on and elaborated on successful and unsuccessful cases that can be thought upon as case studies.

This was an amazing experience!

Many thanks to Celia Hodent and Veronica Zammitto for this amazing organization!