George Kalmpourtzis
Principal Designer

George is an experience designer, learning specialist and book author. He is also the founder of two indie studios: Playcompass Entertainment and Infinitivity Design Labs. George holds two BScs (one in education and one in computer engineering), a MSc in Advanced Information Systems and a PhD in Design Pedagogy and HCI. Coming from a diverse background, including both arts, education and engineering, George has been interested in creating intrinsically motivating experiences that have impact on their users. He has worked as game designer, UX designer, producer and studio manager in various indie European studios and has worked with ivy league institutions and international corporations for the design of native apps, games and learning platforms. George focuses on teaching experience design to teachers and students and the cognitive development benefits that arise from this process. Through an experimental procedure, he has formed several multi-disciplinary teams that are currently working on designing games that have an impact to local societies.


PadTales for kids

By on July 22, 2015

Once upon an time there was a little star who decided to leave its boring neighborhood and discover the world… The star overcomes the fear of the unknown and starts its great journey. Along the way we see how this voyage rewards it with knowledge, experience and, finally, with a friend.
This is an interactive story I developed with prominent artist Sophia Spyrliadou. It is characterized by her unique style and personality.