George Kalmpourtzis

George is a UX & product designer and studio director, working in the industry and academia. He is the founder of two indie studios: Playcompass Entertainment and GK Studios. Coming from a diverse background, including both arts, education and engineering, George has been interested in creating intrinsically motivating experiences that have impact on their users. He has worked as game designer, UX designer, producer and studio manager in various indie European studios and has worked with ivy league institutions and international corporations for the design of native apps, games and learning platforms. George focuses on teaching experience design to teachers and students and the cognitive development benefits that arise from this process. Through an experimental procedure, he has formed several multi-disciplinary teams that are currently working on designing games that have an impact to local societies.

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Bluescope – UX Design

By on May 25, 2016

Bluescope is a medical platform, aiming at providing doctors with examinations and medical history services on mobile devices. Bluescope was designed for a Swiss-Greek client, aiming at selling the platform in a SaaS model.

Working on Bluescope was an interesting and intensive experience mainly because the target audience was diverse and presented a negative predisposition towards the use of smartphone devices in their routine. So, an initial survey was conducted. The survey consisted of questionaires and interviews conducted on over 50 potential users, offering us a better understanding of the users’ needs. This lead to the proposal of an MVP.

This post aims at giving an insight on my work on rapid prototyping with low-tech paper tools in order to discuss with the members of the team the user experience of the product. The result of the process is presented in the images below:

Those paper prototypes were later used as the base to create high-fidelity prototypes on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, presented below: