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Game Design Education Workshops

By on December 6, 2016

During the last month, I was asked to organize and facilitate some game design workshops for educators in the area of Thessaloniki. The workshops focused on the area of educational games and their impact on learning and student engagement in curricular activities.
The workshops focused on a diverse set of…



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The Math Mathews Games

By on November 29, 2016

I am a great fan of the Math Mathews games designed by my friends in Kiupe. Kiupe is an education game studio, located in the heart of Lyon, consisting of a really powerful team of few but highly skilled and talented people.
While I was browsing around the internet, I…



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An introduction to SCORM

By on November 3, 2016

My friend and colleague Romain Gibert recently posted an interesting article on his blog:

There are no technical standards when it comes to format and compatibility with elearning. SCORM has been the de-facto model for interoperability and compatibility among elearning tools and systems. Moreover, SCORM oversees how elearning modules…



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A Halloween themed game for the iOS

By on October 26, 2016

Spook Boy: Monsters, Ghouls & Ghosts is a game designed by Playcompass & the Mynt Design some years ago.

The game features a teenage boy, given the task to protect the non-fantasy realms of this world by guarding the gate to another dimension. Coincidentally, the gate was located in the…

George Kalmpourtzis

George is a game designer and studio director, working in the industry and academia. He is the founder of two indie game studios: Playcompass Entertainment and GK Studios. Coming from a diverse background, including both arts, education and engineering, George has been interested in evolving games as a medium and discovering new ways to play and create games. He has worked as game designer, producer and studio manager in various indie European studios and has worked with ivy league institutions and international corporations for the design of games and learning platforms. George focuses on teaching game design to teachers and students and the cognitive development benefits that arise from this process. Through an experimental procedure, he has formed several multi-disciplinary teams that are currently working on designing games that have an impact to local societies.